Google calendar events

Google calendar integration

See all your calendar events 12 hours from now on an analog watch face

Google calendar integration
Sun events

The sun! On your wrist!

Sun events such as sunrise, sunset, blue hour and golden hour within the next 12 hours are always visible on the watch face

The sun! On your wrist!
Moon phase

The moon! On your wrist!

All eight moon phases beautifully rendered on your watch face.

The moon! On your wrist!
Built-in agenda view

Agenda view

Tap any event on the watch face and it is opened and selected in a cronologically sorted agenda view

Agenda view of all events!
Ambient mode

Ambient mode

Possible to choose what elements to include in the ambient view too.

Customizable ambient mode!
Different watch faces and peeking cards

Compatible with all watches

Round, square or with a chin, Agenda12h adapts automatically to your watch face

Compatible with all watches
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Agenda12h Watch Face

Why buy it?

Fantastic overview

Agenda12h is not another Android Wear watch face with step counters, heart pulse monitors and other similar features. Instead you get an analog watch face with focus on nothing but your time and your calendar. And our sun which is kind of vital to our concept of time.

And the moon, of course. Because it's there when the sun isn't.

Available for

Square or round watch faces Square or round watch faces


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Focus on time

Overview like never before

A new type of watch face not like any other

You need to try this!


Functional design

Google calendar integration

Shows sun events based on your location

Hands adapts to shape

Hour and minute hands show information

Automatic 12/24 hour mode

A photographers watch - blue hour and golden hour

The seconds hand change color to reflect the active sun event

Moon phase

Date in large font

Adapts to chin and peeking cards

Click on edges to see todays agenda